Top 5 Best Places for Purchasing Real Estate in Spain

Pleasant climate, almost a whole year of sunny days, friendly environment, thriving resort towns – isn’t it a splendid idea to buy property in Spain? Here are the top five best cities to invest your money this year.


Every year, this Spanish coast is becoming more attractive for buying real estate. Apartments on the Costa Blanca are sold at very good price. There are an international airport, a large seaport, several universities, schools. It organically combines the historical and modern parts. Apartments, studios, townhouses, villas – in Cadaqués, you can choose any property. Well-maintained roads and small distances between all settlements make it possible to forget about traffic jams.


Águilas is located in the Costa Calida, a part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain in the province of Murcia, between Valencia and Andalusia. Sandy beaches, rich cultural and historical heritage, developed infrastructure make this area attractive for tourism and permanent residence. Here, agriculture is highly developed and there is no industry, so environmental conditions are truly beneficial. The most popular apartments are in multi-storeyed buildings with a panoramic sea view. In Águilas  you can also buy a private villa with a swimming pool.


There are several unique nature reserves in the region, that attract the attention of nature lovers. Quite a new  resort town of Mojácar quickly gained popularity among locals and foreigners who has already managed to acquire a property the in the north-east of the Costa de Almeria. Here, life is in full swing all year round. All real estate on the “Almeria coast” is built according to modern environmentally-friendly technologies, which allow to preserve the surrounding nature.


In November, Bilbao was awarded as the best European city in 2018 and got the special “Urbanism Awards 2018”. Experts highly appreciated the achievements of the settlement: active cultural development, adherence to traditions, and respect for the environment. Isn’t it a good reason to live here? There, you can buy an apartment or a house, and enjoy a cozy atmosphere. In Bilbao, you can plunge into the world of Basque cuisine, drink beer with national snack, or eat a hamburger with cheese. The main attraction of Bilbao is the Guggenheim Museum, which is located inside a grand futuristic building.


Seville, already a popular city, received additional fame in 2017 due to being the location for filming some of the episodes of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones”.  In addition, in 2018, the city celebrates the 400th birth anniversary of outstanding Spanish artist of the “golden age” Bartolome Esteban Murillo. Besides, Seville is considered one of the centers of a rich Spanish culture and the birthplace of the flamenco dance. For these and many other reasons, the New York Times chose Seville as one of the top 50 cities in the world to visit this year. And no doubt, having a real estate here is also extremely profitable for renting out.

According to statistics, Spanish real estate almost grows in price every three years, on average. Buying property in this country is an exceptionally cost-effective investment. In reality any house, cottage, villa or apartment can be used for personal or business purposes.

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  1. I recently returned from Spain, I was with a close friend at my birthday. He has lived in Spain for more than ten years in Mojácar. I really liked the atmosphere of the city, I want to move

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