Why Consider Valencia When Choosing Property

What people go to Valencia for? For quality of life! Valencia; this name actually includes three different, but closely related administrative units on the territory of Spain. Therefore, when talking about Valencia, it is not always immediately clear what they mean: a city, a province or a community? Let’s guess what Valencia is:

  • an autonomous association of three provinces: Alicante, Castellón and Valencia.
  • one of the provinces of the Valencian community, the capital of which is the city of Valencia.
  • a city of over a million people on the Mediterranean coast of Spain with a thousand-year history – the capital of the province of Valencia.

If you buy property in Valencia, you get  an excellent opportunity to live in one of the best cities in Spain. Why? Because it is the third largest one in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​now already with million residents. It is located on the shores of the unimaginable sea. Suburbs, in fact, have grown together with the city and are included as its part. Even the First (central) subway area actually includes suburban areas.

Valencia is the pearl of Spain, it is the real Spain. Unlike the noisy big cities , ​​a conservative  “slow” way of life has been preserved here. At the same time, Valencia is considered a shopping mecca, with delicious food and bright traditions.

Great Beaches

There are long Mediterranean sandy beaches (Malvarosa, Pinedo, El Saler, Abre del Gos, etc.) in Valencia and its suburbs, each of them can be proud of the Blue Flag awarded for clean environment.  

For example, the 3-kilometer beach of La Malvarosa up to 150 meters wide is a favorite vacation spot for vicinity inhabitants and tourists. You can get to it by subway, buses, trams and by own cars, for which there are a lot of parking places. There is a public shower every 100 meters on the beach, which make staying there even more comfortable. Besides, several km away there is a large zone of natural reserves.

Affordable Price

If compared to Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia offers real estate for prices that are on average much lower. This is due to the peculiarities of the city’s development. Basically, the administrative bodies led (and still conduct) policies aimed at limiting the massive dominance of foreigners. Valencia for Valencians! Only in recent years, because of the economic crisis, the citizens of other countries were welcomed to the housing market as buyers.

There is a lot of property to your choice, which can be bought for 20-30-40 thousand Euros. A huge selection of houses and flats can be found on the secondary market. You can find an apartment for every taste, in good areas, and at reasonable prices. And the cost of luxurious villas is sometimes 30-50% lower than in the other resort towns. At the same time, the infrastructure and utilities here are incomparably better.

To live near the sea and enjoy life…Isn’t it everybody’s dream?

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