Is It Worth Buying Real Estate In Malaga?

Malaga is a city to the south of Spain, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Its population exceeds 550,000 people. The city is the capital of the province under the same name, the largest and one of the most famous resorts of the Costa del Sol.

Travel Destination

The tourist attraction of the city is the main asset of local renters. The property in Malaga is in demand by tourists from the middle of spring to the middle of autumn. Hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment centres of the city will not be left without visitors until tourists come to the Costa del Sol. There is an international airport, named after Pablo Picasso, the native of the city. The airport plays the role of the air gate of Sunny Coast of Spain, which is not only a good logistics point but also an argument in choosing this very place for living or making profit on rent.

Malaga’s age is more than 3,000 years. Historical and architectural monuments, museums and beautiful churches are in abundance there; that’s why curious tourists and aesthetes enjoy walking around this city. Real estate professionals claim that Malaga is called “true Spain” for the temper of its inhabitants, mass celebrations during religious and public holidays, and serious attitude to national traditions.

Rantiers and businessmen from Europe, Middle East and Asia natives seek to buy property in Malaga. They rent out residential facilities to tourists for income. Many wealthy people buy houses and villas on Costa del Sol to live and relax in one of the best European resorts.

Healthcare Tourism in Marbella

One of the bright and quite expensive vicinities, Marbella, has become a preferred destination for health tourism and celebrities leisure. Its climate, sea and fresh air, as well as luxury services, make the city ideal for care for health and well-being. 

A large number of private medical centers available here offer exclusive services for patients in the field of beauty, quality of life, and also in the field of health improvement, including oncology, traumatology or assisted reproductive technologies. So property gives relatively high incomes in comparison to other types of investments.

Why To Invest

The profitability of investments, especially for Eurozone customers and the US dollar zone, is so low now that business people prefer to invest in alternative sources, although not so quick-looking but highly profitable long-term ones. Most of these people prefer to pay their money for lifestyle changes together with the acquisition of appropriate housing, thus solving both tasks simultaneously.

Proper location is the key to a successful investment. Today Malaga is recognized as a tourist area of ​​the highest quality in comparison to other tourist destinations of the European Union.

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